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Whether this is your first visit, or you have been a guest many times, we want your experience to be excellent. Reeling in a big one at  Jennette’s Pier: NC Aquarium | Nags Head, NC 27959 (ncaquariums.com) is always a great option but there’s so much more also. More outer banks activities.

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Killy Hawk Adventures


Enjoy the many dining experiences OBX has to offer. Here are some suggestions.

THE 10 BEST Restaurants in Kill Devil Hills – Updated July 2022 – Tripadvisor

  • Near outlet shopping
  • Near the bay
  • Rest if you’d like
  • Fitness facilities nearby
  • Swimming nearby
  • Wildlife and game walks nearby
  • Power boating nearby
  • Horse riding nearby
  • Theme parks nearby
  • Surfing/body boarding nearby
  • Birdwatching nearby
  • Water skiing nearby
  • Windsurfing nearby
  • Bonzer Shack – 14 min walk
  • JK’s Restaurant – 15 min walk
  • Food Dudes Kitchen – 16 min walk
  • Bob’s Grill – 18 min walk
  • Near a Hospital
  • Near Spa’s and Beauty


We offer a variety of amenities to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible. This beach cottage won’t disappoint. Here’s what we offer… Ocean Views!  Remarkable 5 bedroom Kill Devil Hills home that is only 2 lots from the oceanfront with a private pool and direct beach access.!  Also, a beautiful view of the Wright Monument!  A large living-kitchen-dining area, large recreation room with built-in bunks for extra sleeping, tons of decking to enjoy the views, private pool and spa and so much more.  The top level of the property hosts a large open living and kitchen area with vaulted ceilings, half bath, spacious bedroom and bathroom, access to large open decks and incredible views of the ocean.  The mid level of the property has 3 well-appointed bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, a laundry room and access to wrap around covered decks.  The ground level has a spacious game room with built in bunks, covered entry, carport area, private pool and hot tub.  Stop n Shop is nearby for convenience and beach access is directly across the street. Your vacation getaway home.

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We are Pet Friendly!


If you’ve repeatedly stayed on the Outer Banks or another coastal Carolina area, you’ve probably come across large waterbugs, also known as “palmetto bugs”. They prefer dark and damp conditions — this is why you see them a lot at night on the Outer Banks! Since the Outer Banks are barrier islands, situated between the sound and the ocean, they provide the ideal environment for waterbugs. If rain has been scarce, you may see them trying to infiltrate homes in the area. Conversely, you may come across these bugs under carports or on porches when it has recently rained. This is where the term “waterbug” likely comes from. The term “palmetto bug” is said to originate from the fact that these insects sometimes hang out in palmetto trees in South Carolina, the palmetto state.
Waterbugs are typically large, winged insects, measuring two inches or longer, with a light to dark brown color and markings. Outer Banks residents and visitors will usually see them around the exterior of homes, but they have been known to make it inside as well. We do employ regular spray prevention methods in all our homes. However, while spray prevention does help in reducing how often they are spotted, seeing these large pests is inevitable, and does not mean the homes have unsanitary conditions. If you do encounter a large number of palmetto bugs during your stay, please let us know. We will send out a contracted pest control company or have one of our techs come out and spray.
Here are some things you can do to help reduce the likelihood of encountering palmetto bugs during your stay:
Do not leave food out in the open. Instead, put it away in airtight containers after you are finished eating.
Clean the kitchen after cooking to remove any leftover crumbs or oils.
Take out the trash frequently.
Put your pet’s food away overnight.
Do I need to call to have the home sprayed every time I see a waterbug?
No. We perform regular, routine pest treatments. As mentioned earlier, waterbug sightings do not mean homes are unsanitary. They are common on the Outer Banks and sightings will occur.
Why do I sometimes see waterbugs indoors, instead of just around the exterior?
They will sometimes seek shelter indoors when it’s very hot and dry outside or when there’s an excess of rain.
What’s the most important prevention method for reducing waterbug sightings?
Eliminate standing water. Cleaning up leftover food is also important. However, waterbugs can live over a month without food, but not more than a week without water.